Hey, I’m Erica, and I am getting to know the world – one country at a time with my best friend/husband Matthew. My husband and I packed up our house and quit our jobs to travel and explore the world. http://www.gettingtoknowtheworld.com aims to be a compilations of our adventures, life lessons, foreign teaching experiences, travel advice, and culture from my perspective.


So you’re asking:

Are they rich?

– No! We like to think of ourselves as your typical middle class Americans (but who doesn’t). I am a self employed non-profit development consultant and a social media consultant, and my husband is a financial analyst.

So you’re not rich. How will you survive?

We have a little bit of a cushion fund not much. In terms of income I will be able to maintain some of my contracts while abroad and we both will teach English. We are currently taking online “Teaching English as a Foreign Language” (TEFL) courses through the TEFL Institute, and have begun our practicum at Drexel University’s English Language Center. In addition to teaching English and managing social media sites I hope to volunteer with a non-profit organization in each of the countries.

Are they crazy?

– No! OK maybe just a little. But seriously, we just got married in November 2010, we don’t have any kids, we’ve lived in the United States our whole lives. The better question is why not? We had an amazing honeymoon in Belize and Guatemala – which I like to describe as an “Indiana Jones Epic Adventure”. So why not live our lives like that? What’s holding us here – another meeting, a conference call, a deadline, sitting on my comfy couch watching TV, or an hour and 45 minute commute to work? (On a side note – PLEASE stop telling your children to buy a house! The mortgage is the one thing that is complicating this situation).

Matthew getting a closer look of the wash boards.

When does all of this happen?

Well, right now we are in the middle of April and we’re leaving in June. So I will keep you updated on our progress while we are preparing to leave and while we are on our “Epic Adventure”.

Please leave a comment, advice, and any questions.  I’ll see you next time!