Museu Afro Brasil

Today we went to the Museu Afro Brasil. It is by far the best “Afro ___” in the Americas (including the USA) that we have ever been to. And the one of the best cultural museum I have been to world wide (yes I’ve been to the Louvre- and no its not as grand as the Louvre). It honestly could be titled Museu Brasil because it also has info on the other ethnicity’s/races represented here as well.  There were also people that were not of African descend that were visiting the museum with their children. This was one of the first times that I have seen this in an Afro Museum. To me it displays what I have heard of about Brazil taking on its African history as its history rather than something separate. This is also the same feeling I get walking around the city of Sao Paulo itself.

The space is amazing. It has artifacts and art from Africa, the history of Brazilian slavery, Afro Brazilians who were not slaves, kings and queens, cow boys or what us Americans call Buffalo Soldiers, religious artifacts, things from Carnival and Futebol, photos and more that bring you to present day Brazil. On top of all that the entrance is FREE. If you go don’t forget to look up, down, in and around because there is stuff everywhere, and take a guide/translator because everything is in Portuguese! Please take a few minutes to look at this link and experience it a little

Buenas Aires, Uruguay, and Sao Paulo

We’re getting ready for another amazing side trip. This time its for our anniversary. We got help with our Buenas Aires itineraries from two of my amazing students and friends Hernan and Ursula.  We are also using for Sao Paulo Check out their suggestions:


Notorius. Bar musica.   Callao con Plaza Rodriguez Peña

Lugares de tango

Confiteria Ideal. Suipacha 380

La Catedral Sarmiento 4006 ir el Martes

El beso Riobamba 416

Milonga Parakultural Scalabrini Ortiz 1331 telf +54 11 48326753

Leather: Murillo con Scalabrini.  Altura 45 Cordoba


Go to Puerto Madero

Marcelo (try the Vegetarian Risotto)


Wine: Try wines from Patagonia


In Recoleta neighborhood Café La Biela


Teatro Colón (like La Scalla)

Sao Paulo

Museo of modern art, the one with the red Arc MASP (Museo de Arte de Sao Paulo)

If you have time Soccer Museum at Pacaembu (all the world cups)



  1. Cabaña Las Lilas
  2. Marcelo
  3. La Brigada
  4. Piegari
  5. Cabrera


  1. Santa Fe Street (is a street where you can find a lot of stores, I think it´s cheaper than the malls)
  2. Unicenter Mall (the biggest mall in Buenos Aires, 45 minutes)
  3. Alto Palermo Mall (smaller but very nice)
  4. Paseo Alcorta
  5. Patio Bulrich Mall (only for looking, it´s the most expensive).
  6. Florida (is a street only for walking, you have a lot of stores there).
  7. Murillo (where you can find leather stuff)
  8. Av. Cordova (where you can find some outlets)

Brands of clothing/shoes/purses

  1. Akiabara (clothes)
  2. Paula Cahen (clothes)
  3. Ossira (clothes)
  4. Ayres (clothes)
  5. Peuque (clothes)
  6. Viamo (shoes)
  7. Paruolo (shoes)
  8. Ricky Sarkany (shoes)
  9. Prune (the best for purses and wallets, it´s expensive but it worth it)
  10. Blaque (purses)
  11. Caro Cuore (excellent for underwear)
  12. Sibyl Vane (shoes)


  1. Puerto Madero
  2. Recoleta (is a very nice district)
  3. Palermo
  4. Palermo Hollywood (it´s a bohemian district, like Barranco)
  5. Av. Corrientes (a street for theaters, like Broadway, you can go to a Tango show, there is one that is very famous, called Sr. Tango, I have never gone. I remember that I went to “La Tanguera”, it´s a theater show, very nice).
  6. Caminito /Boca
  7. La Bombonera (is a football stadium, some people like to go, mostly if you like football games)
  8. San Telmo (fair of antiques).
  9. 9 de Julio (the main street)

Joana (Rent a local friend and of course our new found friend)

1º) Central Market – it’s a really nice place in downtown area, a must see
2º) walk around downtown and visit some great places as, Mosteiro São Bento, Banespa Tower (we can go all the way to the top and see the whole city), Pateo do Colegio (this is the place where São Paulo started), Sé Cathedral (the main Cathedral in the city)
3º) Liberdade (Japanese District) – after walking around downtown, we can take the subway to the Japanese District. At this area there’s a huge store with all kind of hair products. I’m sure you’ll find your hair products 😉
4º) Paulista Ave – after Japanese District, we take the subway again and go to Paulista Av, this is the financial centre of São Paulo. Also at Paulista Ave, there’s the museum of modern art, called Masp, and Trianon Park, a nice park in the middle of the city, with the remains of Mata Atlântica. If you guys want we can have lunch around this area
5º) Pinheiros – After walking around Paulista Ave area, we can walk to Pinheiros, a young neighborhood, and it’s also on our way to Vila Madalena area
6º) Vila Madalena – we can finish our day at Vila Madalena. It wpuld be nice if we could get there before 6pm, because the stores are going to be open and then, I can leave you guys in one of the bars around this area

Thanks Amigos!