Cairo’s Pyramids #sneakpeak

The pyramids are magnificent structures that could only have been designed and built by the most intelligent beings. It was amazing to see these grand tombs and how Ancient Egyptians truly valued their life after their deaths here on earth.

Something else that was amazing and has always has been wonderful to note with traveling is the similarities in how things are in different parts of the world. For instance, the way that the stones in the inside of the Great Pyramid of Giza (Pyramid of Cheops)  are very similarly shaped to the ones that I saw at Machu Picchu. I would show you a picture but there are no pictures allowed in the pyramids especially The Great Pyramid of Giza (the other ones you just tip your pyramid guide a few Egyptian Pounds like the rest of the tourist).

Amazingly we were one of two couples inside of The Great Pyramid of Giza. This is ridiculously unusual for Egypt’s high season. #ComeToEgypt

More pictures to come after I get to some better wifi. Time to pack and head to the airport! #NextStopEthiopia

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In front of the Pyramids of Giza
In front of the Pyramids of Giza
Corbelled ceiling inside of the Red Pyramid
Corbelled ceiling inside of the Red Pyramid


The Spinx, Matthew and our guide Othman #Sphinx
The Spinx, Matthew and our guide Othman of Egypt Tailor Made #Sphinx


Quick update Egypt


View of Luxor Temple via Hotel Nefertiti’s roof top

One day it’s the hottest day of the year the next day it’s freezing cold.

I can’t upload pics onto this website from my camera for some reason.

Hassan our host is very chill, is great to talk with, warm and has an infectious smile.

The streets are not on fire, I haven’t felt like I’ve been in danger at all. Traffic however is worst than Bangkoks.

The vendors are less aggressive here than in India.

Ancient Egyptians were geniuses I mean they really were you have to see Egypt.

I saw King Ramses’ mummy and his face is quite distinct. I am seeing his face in the faces of the present day Aswan Nubians here in Upper Egypt/ Luxor. #Beautiful

While in Cairo we saw: the pyramids of Giza, Dashur and the step pyramid; a Coptic church in top of where Jesus and the Holy Family hid; a synagogue at the place where Moses was received by the pharaoh and where he did his daily prayers; a few beautiful mosques including Mohammad Ali Mosque (no not Cassius Clay); traveled to Alexandria and learned that Alexander the Great deeply respected Ancient Egyptian religion so much that most of the ancient buildings/tombs/amphitheaters left behind are a romantic combination of Greek/Roman/Egyptian mythology and ate Mediterranean food on the Mediterranean Sea; ate Egyptian Pizza YUMM.
I learned that entering into a pyramid in that narrow shaft going to a tomb works out muscles in my legs that have never been used before.
Everyone I’ve met says Muslims and Christians here get along and refer to each other as brothers and sisters.
The food is amazing!
I’m in Luxor now I’m so happy we came here it’s a break from the busyness of Cairo, Luxor Temple is amazing, Karnak temple is even better you could spend a lifetime there and I just had my favorite Egyptian meal at Sofra. I’m also more of a local attraction here than I was in India which is surprising and somewhat overwhelming. #WrappingMyHairUp I wish I knew how to make my scarf into a veil. Hmm YouTube.




Shot out to Egypt Tailor Made the awesome company that has gotten us from place to place and has been our guides.

Come to EGYPT!

Almost forgot I to mention I saw Pharaoh / Queen / King Hatshepsut’s obelisk and her mummy, and I just think that is pretty cool.

Traveling Through Africa


Hello readers I know it’s been a while and I owe you quite a few post about several trips including India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Phuket and teaching. Please don’t be mad.

Well, Matthew and I packed up and left Thailand yesterday (shipped most of our stuff home) and arrived in Cairo, Egypt last night. We are on a journey traveling through Africa to make it back to the USA. I’m going to do my best to bring you along on this journey as it takes place. So please accept the ruff unedited version of what I’m writing, I’ll clean it up later. We will also be going to Ethiopia, Ghana and Morocco.

So it is 6:30 am in Cairo, Egypt and I’m couchsurfing at a very cool guy’s house Hassan Soloman. Yes, we are staying at someone’s home whom we’ve only spoken to via the internet (please feel free to comment below with questions about couchsurfing). He works on documentary films. And that pic up there is a picture from his balcony at sunset of the Nile and the Great Pyramids. This morning we’re heading there so let me give you a morning view of them then get dressed and ready. TTYL 🙂


It’s super hazy this morning so you’ll just have to look at the Nile,the little island that’s on it and the city beyond. Maybe I’ll post the Sphinx later ;-).