Hot soup on a summer day

Kaang Lieng SoupYesterday, the school lunch was great! The best thing on the menu on the “feels like” 102 degree day was Kaang Lieng Soup. My friend Nut told me that this soup has been made in Thailand for hundreds of years. It consist of baby corn, pumpkin, a cucumber like vegetable, shrimp, mushrooms, and per many websites a Kaang Lieng seasoning pack (which can be found on Amazon). I found this recipe that seems like it may be worth a try, click here: Kaang Lieng Soup | Tasty Exploration. I don’t remember my school lunch being anything like this!

Khao Tom Mud

One of the admin from DSIL brought in Khao Tum Mud this morning. It is a delicious Thai dessert made of sticky rice, a banana, coconut milk, and black beans. The taste and texture kind of reminds me of a really thick and sweet cream of cream of wheat. It’s also good as a single serving snack.

I found this website with a pretty visual recipe if you would like to try to make it. The recipe is missing cooked black beans, so add a few on top of the banana. click here for the recipe FYI this dessert is vegan friendly.




Good morning from school-caption this

Every morning a teacher from Darunsikkhalai School for Innovative Learning (DSIL) is assigned a morning duty. This morning it’s my turn to say greet the students and their parents. This is Gong, one of the youngest, smallest and most adorable kids at the school. He told me that this bag was not a squid snack, it’s a snack made out of squids.

Leave a comment with your caption, I’m sure he’d love to read them 🙂


Amphawa fieldtrip

I went on a great field trip with my class So Fun! to Amphawa. The field trip was organized by my co-teacher, Nok. We went to five different places: a place to learn about Amphawa, a place that is believed to have one of Buddha‘s footprint, to meet a woman that used to make Thai masks for plays, to meet a man that made crafts out of coconut shells, and a to meet a woman who taught us how to make crafts out of palm leaves.  The one thing that was quirkily in common with these people that we met is that they all had some type of strange or old pet.

Do you have the solution? – A $1 million prize to save the lives of children under 5.

The Caplow Children’s Prize is a novel humanitarian contest to save children’s lives. A $1 million prize will be awarded to the best plan for  preserving the lives of children who would otherwise die before the age of five. All prize finalists will be showcased on our website. ~

– A $1 million prize to save the lives of children under 5..

Wrapped in love

Wrapped in love

This is one of my favorite first photos with our new camera. It is of a tree in the park near our apartment. It is wrapped in fabric because it is believed by Thai’s to be a Spirit House. The fabric is a way to honor the Spirit House.  (I will find out more later- just wanted to share the picture with you