G2KW’s Cultural Workshops provide a quasi-cultural immersion experience in a highly creative and fun way. They are designed to provide participants with an interactive international cultural experience through a combination of learning tools such as art, music, dance, research, round table discussions, multi-media, games and active reading workshops. All workshops will conclude with participant presentations. Furthermore, multiple day workshops will also include a volunteer component.


Black/ African-American students only made up 5.3% of students who studied abroad in the 2011/2012 school years; however, there has been an increasing positive trend in these students that have studied abroad since 2005/2006, Black/ African-American students only made up 3.5% of students who studied abroad.~ Statics via: Institute of International Education’s Open Doors Open Doors Data


G2KW Cultural Workshops can take place with one or two groups. Having two groups creates an interesting dynamic where participants have the opportunity to learn from each other via comparing and contrasting the cultures that they have experienced. Learning will be achieved via presentations, dialogue, activities and discovery.


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