Your Guide to Miami! The Best Places to Eat, Shop and Party | CocoaFab


Having traveled to over 20 countries and counting and then living abroad with her husband for 3 years, Erica Knowles-Nelson founded the travel blog “Getting to Know the World” (G2KWorld) as way to encourage cultural diversity, awareness and international travel within the African-American and inner-city communities. An experienced world traveler with Bahamian and American heritage that was born and raised in Miami, she decided at an early age that she would broaden her horizons. She asked her parents to send her out of the country for her “Sweet Sixteen” to the beautiful Island of Jamaica and that trip would be the spark that led her on a world tour. Erica is currently based in Miami and CocoaFab correspondent Danielle Stedman got the inside scoop from this travel authority on where to visit while in the Magic City.

Read more: Your Guide to Miami! The Best Places to Eat, Shop and Party | CocoaFab.

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