Insult to the Pharaohs

Matthew in Luxor
I was just in Egypt this past April with my husband. I asked my guide are there any people in Egypt who are related to the ancient Egyptians. He said yes, the people who live in upper Egypt. I visited Luxor in Upper Egypt, the men there all had a beautiful dark brown complexion with hints of red undertones. I later went to the Egyptian museum in Cairo and met the mummy of Ramses II face to face, his bone structure specifically his distinguished nose was just like the men I met in Luxor. No one can tell me that the Pharaohs of Egypt look like the people portraying them in this movie.


It is an insult to history, black Africa, the Pharaohs, brown people all over the world and to all of our intelligences. You can even look at the paintings on the walls and see this isn’t true (yes the original paint is still there in the Valley of the Kings).

Ramses III temple

No need to read in between the lines. This is an absolute shame. Go to #Egypt#ExperienceHistory  As a matter of fact, go to Berlin’s Egyptian Museum and see who the real thieves are. #GettingToKnowTheWorld #donttakeitfromme#G2KWorld