How to Have an Amazing Birthday in Bangkok!

I had an absolutely wonderful time celebrating my birthday this year! My birthday was on Thursday, March 21st and there were several activities set in place for that day and the upcoming weekend.

1.    Water Library

The library
The library

On Thursday night Matthew took me out on a great date for my official birthday dinner. First, we went to “Water Library” for cocktails, which is an amazing bar and restaurant.  The cocktail bar is all black and it reminds me of a modernly designed home library with classic chairs. They do not have any books on their shelves but they have a library of customized liquors and biters, which they have designed. A few to note were Johnny Walker Black infused with chilies, Vodka and M&Ms, and Louis XIII Truffle.  I had their amazing Sexy Lychee, which includes lychee of course, chilli infused vodka, their aphrodisiac bitters and a few other things served in a floating martini glass on top of ice. The second drink was the Bangkok Cocktail, which had a few different things in it including ginger, lemon, lychee, and a drop of their homemade bitters served in a classic cut crystal wine glass. Their service was amazing; everyone was really attentive and explained each drink to you as it was served.  Both were amazing, but the Sexy Lychee was my favorite. The mixologist there are definitely on top of their game, as you can taste all of the flavors in the drinks and it doesn’t taste like a bunch of muddled syrup and alcohol. I thought I had good cocktails before but these were by far the best ever. So if you’re in Bangkok check out Water Library on Soi 12 of Thonglor for a nice grown up drink. I’ve got to head back there for dinner.

2.    Soul Food


After that we headed to “Soul Food” (no they do not have Southern soul food but they do have great ribs), which is on Thonglor. They have great food also, we had two appetizers of tasty lamb and chicken samosas and a great pork salad. For our mains I had a delicious creamy crab soup and Matthew got their fall off the bone sweet ribs. Thonglor is definitely a treat and similarly to American Soul Food it is filling and food for the soul.

3.    Hibesha Ethiopian Restaurant

Picture via
Picture via

I met a group of friends at Hibesha on Soi 3 (Nana) on Friday night for some amazing Ethiopian food. We ordered their vegetarian platter, a few lamb dishes, and a beef dish.  The food is served Ethiopian family style and you eat the food with injera bread rather than utensils. This made eating more like a war because the food was so delicious and everyone wanted some of everything.  We went with a group of about 15 people but this might be a better option for a more intimate group (a few people decided not to join in the finger licking madness). (Thank you for the photos Aaron Owlex)

4.    WXYZ Lounge at aloft Hotel

After going to dinner we headed around the corner to Soi 11 off of Suchmuvit to one of my favorite watering holes WXYZ, that has a 500THB ($16) “Cocktail Marathon”. Good drinks, good times, good people, and straight tomfoolery. (Thank you for the photos Aaron Owlex)

5.    Siam Niramit

On Saturday, my husband had another surprise for me! We went to see a spectacular show at Siam Niramit. This was a remarkable experience. When you arrive you get to tour a traditional “Thai Village” that they have set up; which includes houses, a river, a massage house and more. The show is done on the highest stage in the world and one of the longest panoramic stages in the world.  The show depicts Thai life in various cities in the past; hell, in-between earth in heaven, and heaven (different mythical creatures are depicted in each); and Thai holidays. Siam Niramit had amazing colors, dances, and special effects including: a river that went across the whole stage, rain, flying people, a vertical view of the ocean with a person diving, live animals, and audience participation. Lets just say it was an amazing show! We got seats right behind their “Gold VIP Seats” and they were perfect.)

The Look


เราย้ายมาประเทศไทย – We moved to Thailand

Resting Buddha

Hi everyone! I know it’s been a while, I barely know how to start writing. I will write a Peru update and ending sometime in the near future (I hope lol).  Well as you can see Matthew and I have moved to Bangkok, Thailand aka the “Land of Smiles”. But if we tell a taxi the district in Bangkok that we live in we usually get a good laugh and have to ask few more taxis for a ride to Bang Mot. We are teaching at a school called DSIL, which teaches using the Constructionism theory (read more here ).  I’ll be teaching 9-10 year old kids, and Matthew will be teaching middle school aged kids. Tomorrow is the first day of school wish us luck!

My first impressions of Bangkok:

  • People are very nice and helpful
  • It’s a bustling city with lots of people, cars, and places – very dense
  • The temples and wats (schools for monks) are beautiful
  • A huge theme in the culture is respect, kindness, and not confronting others
  • There are mega malls everywhere, Thai’s must love shopping
  • There is a huge obsession with technology – there are video games and computers for you to use in the malls
  • People are also appearance conscious – in the Central Rama 2 mall near us there are about 20 or more beauty spas for weight loss, skin treatments, hair, and/or beauty in general
  • Thai food is great, but don’t let anyone tell you it’s all healthy there’s fried stuff everywhere too.

Overall it’s a really amazing place. I’m looking forward to making new friends, meeting my students, traveling in and around Thailand, learning more about the culture, and enjoying my experience here.

More pics here: