Traveling Through Africa


Hello readers I know it’s been a while and I owe you quite a few post about several trips including India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Phuket and teaching. Please don’t be mad.

Well, Matthew and I packed up and left Thailand yesterday (shipped most of our stuff home) and arrived in Cairo, Egypt last night. We are on a journey traveling through Africa to make it back to the USA. I’m going to do my best to bring you along on this journey as it takes place. So please accept the ruff unedited version of what I’m writing, I’ll clean it up later. We will also be going to Ethiopia, Ghana and Morocco.

So it is 6:30 am in Cairo, Egypt and I’m couchsurfing at a very cool guy’s house Hassan Soloman. Yes, we are staying at someone’s home whom we’ve only spoken to via the internet (please feel free to comment below with questions about couchsurfing). He works on documentary films. And that pic up there is a picture from his balcony at sunset of the Nile and the Great Pyramids. This morning we’re heading there so let me give you a morning view of them then get dressed and ready. TTYL 🙂


It’s super hazy this morning so you’ll just have to look at the Nile,the little island that’s on it and the city beyond. Maybe I’ll post the Sphinx later ;-).