Dancing with my Ancestors-From the Andes to New York, and Back ~: Peruvian Times

I had a very strong connection to the Pallas. For me, they represented such a different image of women than my mother. She was very traditional Andean woman who always stayed at home, always working, never with a social life. The Pallas, in contrast, played the role of women who appeared to be so free, in a social context. When I was growing up, I didn’t know anything about the history of the Pallas. They just appeared, twice a year. Like a mystery.

An excerpt from Dancing with my Ancestors : Peruvian Times, by Wilma Doris Lozyza.

Read this colorful, detailed, and vibrant story Dancing with my Ancestors, and learn about Wilma’s journey from New York to become a Palla during the Fiesta Patronal in December in her home town of Llamellín in the North Central Andes.

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