Bon Voyage Marie!

I just received this lovely note from Marie Louis, a teacher that I met that attended G2KWorld Travel Chat and French Dining.

Marie LoisOn November 19, I went to this fabulous, life-changing event held at Buena Vista Bistro in Miami. It was hosted by Erica Nelson. Let me explain… It was fabulous because we were able to meet and greet people that enjoyed traveling and hear their varying experiences with traveling around the world. It was fun and interesting. The food and ambiance were excellent. All had a great time. However, for me it was also life changing. One of the conversations led me to apply for a teaching position in the Middle East the next day. One week later, I had 3 phone interviews. The following week I had a Skype interview as a follow-up and I was offered a position as a teacher/trainer in Dohar, Qatar. I leave January 2. Wow! Who would have thought that attending a meet and greet just 3 weeks earlier would serve as a catalyst for traveling around the world? Only God! Be open to change. Get out of your comfort zone and live with anticipation and in expectation (of great things)! Being in the right place, at the right time, and with the right people, can create opportunities for you! Special thanks to Erica Nelson, Kandance Johnson, Julie Mansfield, and Doxy for the various parts you played!

Marie Louis

Congratulations Marie! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful news with me and Getting to Know the World. It’s so encouraging and awe inspiring.  Enjoy your travels and God speed! Let’s meet up somewhere out there in the world.

Getting to Know the World Travel Chat and French Dining

Date: November 17, 2014

Venue: Buena Vista Bistro                        Cuisine: French

G2kWorld Buena Vista Bistro

Walking into Buena Vista Bistro was like being transported directly into a bistro on the Avenue des Champs-Elysees. The mural in the bistro is reminiscent of a night in Paris with the Eifel Tower in the background. The pate was divine, the Chicken Fricasse a la Provencale was tender and savory, the Porcini Risotto was perfectly rich and creamy, as you would expect with French dining and the tarts were so very sweet, buttery and flakey. And when you add Buena Vista Bistros’ owner Chef Claude Postel giving everyone details about the food with his lovely French accent, the champagne and wine, samples of divine chocolate and French music in the background you couldn’t help but get swept away in the moment.

The Menu
BVB Menu

G2KWorld Trotters: A culturally rich group of 50 people

The People at G2KWorld at Buena Vista Bistro

The evening began with guest mingling with each other and sharing their stories about travel.  The energy at the Bistro was fantastic. Later I introduced myself and the guest to why I was hosting the G2KWorld Travel Chat and Dining – I’d traveled around the world for the past 3 years and want to share my experiences with people and want other people to have a place to share their experiences as well. I also explained how I started living abroad. Guest completed a travel questionnaire, which encouraged everyone to make lists of the places they’ve been and talk to each other about their personal adventures abroad. There was a guest that had visited over 150 countries, someone who got their scuba license in the Cook Islands and an adorable 6-year-old who can’t wait to get to Paris!

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