Cairo’s Pyramids #sneakpeak

The pyramids are magnificent structures that could only have been designed and built by the most intelligent beings. It was amazing to see these grand tombs and how Ancient Egyptians truly valued their life after their deaths here on earth.

Something else that was amazing and has always has been wonderful to note with traveling is the similarities in how things are in different parts of the world. For instance, the way that the stones in the inside of the Great Pyramid of Giza (Pyramid of Cheops)  are very similarly shaped to the ones that I saw at Machu Picchu. I would show you a picture but there are no pictures allowed in the pyramids especially The Great Pyramid of Giza (the other ones you just tip your pyramid guide a few Egyptian Pounds like the rest of the tourist).

Amazingly we were one of two couples inside of The Great Pyramid of Giza. This is ridiculously unusual for Egypt’s high season. #ComeToEgypt

More pictures to come after I get to some better wifi. Time to pack and head to the airport! #NextStopEthiopia

PS Please comment below to let me know that you’re following along =)

In front of the Pyramids of Giza
In front of the Pyramids of Giza
Corbelled ceiling inside of the Red Pyramid
Corbelled ceiling inside of the Red Pyramid


The Spinx, Matthew and our guide Othman #Sphinx
The Spinx, Matthew and our guide Othman of Egypt Tailor Made #Sphinx


12 thoughts on “Cairo’s Pyramids #sneakpeak

  1. What is the situation over there. We hear about the issues in Egypt and the uprising that I thought it wasn’t advised for anyone to visit right now. Maybe that’s why it’s empty. It’s sooooo on my list of places to go but have been extremely reluctant. Photos are great! Can’t wait to see more

    1. Hey Deidra. There wasn’t any sign of an uprising in Egypt accept for the multiple armed tanks in from of the Egyptian Museum to make sure that people do not protest in Tahirir Square in front of the museum. The violence that did take place while we were there was specifically targeted at police. I truly recommend going, maybe wait for after the elections. But GOOOOOOO! Fortunately and unfortunately it’s like you have the place to yourself.

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