300 nude cyclists hit streets in Peru – CBC News

I couldn’t make it out this morning to take pictures of the cyclist for you because I had to deal with a little bit of food poisoning (recovering now- no worries).  But I heard from a friend and reliable source that there weren’t that many nude cyclist out there today. Here is a pic that’s been published in the news. I should mention that this was to bring attention to cyclist safety, that there are not cycling lanes here in Lima, and that thousands of cyclist die every year here in Lima because of this.

Click here to read the story: 300 nude cyclists hit streets in Peru – CBC News.

4 thoughts on “300 nude cyclists hit streets in Peru – CBC News

    1. Hi Jill,
      Good to hear from you! We had a friend in town and were taking him to all these restaurants. We were downtown when it was time for lunch and we decided on ceviche, and we had to go to a place that I’ve never been before (people look at you like you’re crazy if you get ceviche after 3pm & this was his last opportunity). So I’m thinking that’s where I got the food poisoning. I wish I would have gotten the name of the place. SMH

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