Photo by Ric Francis

This is not about a movie – this is someone’s reality, this is someone’s every day, this is someone’s life.

Its citizens endure life in what is probably the dirtiest shanty community at the highest altitude in the world. It has no running water, no sewage system and its grounds are contaminated by mercury used to separate rock from gold. While coca leaves or altitude sickness pills may help one survive the high elevation, there’s nothing to provide relief from the horrible smell; the horrendous sanitary conditions result from the unregulated disposal of garbage and human waste.


Read more here: GOLDEN SLUM. by Ric Francis

3 thoughts on “GOLDEN SLUM

  1. Thanks for your assistance with calling attention to these horrible living conditions. Indeed, “this is not about a movie…” Sadly, it’s a reality that many parents and young children wake up to every day.

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