What Every Dad Should Know About Their Daughter via Faith Promise Blog

For some reason that whole a dad’s goal in his life is to “keep your daughter off the pole” disturbs me. As if that’s what a girl’s automatically going to do if you don’t have this goal in mind. Girls are much more than that.

This blog post I just read seems like much better advice. And will also accomplish the goal of “keeping your daughter of the pole”.

Affirm Her”

Set the Standard”

Talk About the Standard”

Read the blog by clicking here: Faith Promise Blog.

I must say that this of course is not all of it. What would you add-on? Please leave a comment.

5 thoughts on “What Every Dad Should Know About Their Daughter via Faith Promise Blog

  1. You raise a very interesting point with the “…off the Poll” response one in which I never thought of and its built in misogamy. Funny how a few words can make you see something totally different. Now in the defense of the accused, it really made me think of why it was said and where it comes from in the bestower. The logic defaults that a girl would be on a poll if she isn’t saved by her father (coincidentally a male.) I believe that it may say more about the bestower than the supposed accused. Although guys like to see poll dancers they hold that path from their (ok, our) pulpit as a “Poll-Pit” derived from some character flaw that is traced back to early childhood development (thanx Freud.) Sidebar, when “the male” is observed in his natural habitat, there tends to be an alarming trend of pomp and vanity coupled with a very fragile ego in the analysis….lol… With that given, if there is a flaw with “GirlX” then, of course, the only reason to be deduced is that a male had to be absent during that important time period of early childhood development. I am not giving an excuse but a reason for why I think it is said. A friend once told me that the difference between an excuse and a reason is that the 2nd party must co-sign and make it an agreement… I am just rambling now so I will stop. Great question.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts on the post. You’re right. There is so much more to invest in a young girl than those 3 things. My hope is that, as parents, we can continue to encourage and equip each other to raise a generation of women that aren’t tripped up by lack of identity. Good stuff

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