Combi Music 1.0 … Karma Chameleon or Take On Me hmmmm

Karma Chameleon

The most common music heard on the radio in Lima, Peru is American music from the 80s. That’s right from the 80’s. I hear most of the radio played music I listen to on combis (buses) and taxis. Without fail I’m humming along to a song at least once a week that I might not have heard in 10 or 20 years. So I’ve decided to create a playlist of music that I’ve hear and take you down memory lane. To hear it just click on this link . I’ll send you the next update after the next combi ride or so =). And I’ll tell you the song that most surprised me. This time its a tie between Karma Chameleon (the album cover did win lol) and Take On Me.

2 thoughts on “Combi Music 1.0 … Karma Chameleon or Take On Me hmmmm

  1. thanx for the playlist. they are both great song and I don’t know which one I like better. The deciding factor I think would have to be the video. I remember “take on me” video being the coolest be cause trapped in a cartoon world and at a tender age that involved single digits I thought that was the best. take care.

    1. You’re welcome HCIII really appreciate you following along =) I’m going to have to check out the album. Of course today I just had a crazy combi ride but without any music. lol

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