Our first anniversary and vacation! Part 1

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1st Anniversary

Matthew and I celebrated our very first anniversary on November 12th by taking a trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina and Sao Paulo, Brazil. The expectations were set that Buenos Aires would be the Paris of South America, would have great shopping and the steak would be amazing; and Sao Paulo – umm why are you going there. Well let me throw those expectations out for you.

This vacation was not our traditional adventure to a far-away land with 4-wheelers and hiking boots, this time we visited two big cities. Sao Paulo being the largest city in South America, and Argentina a city that is loved by a lot of Peruanos (Peruvians) that we know. We were given a list for things to do in Buenos Aires, so we decided to wing it without a guide there. For Sao Paulo we weren’t given that much information, apparently most people just visit for business trips. While looking for ideas I stumbled upon an amazing idea www.rentalocalfriend.com

So Buenos Aires- Its a beautiful city it actually reminds me more of New York until you look up and the buildings aren’t 50 stories + high. They even have a SOHO, that reminds you of SOHO. Hmm there is some architecture that reminds you of Paris and one major street that is tree lined that does too but I wouldn’t equate that to the Paris of South America. The steak was good but, I think I’ve had equally as good steak in the US unless I’ve just forgotten. What was really good was the wine! Drink lots and lots of wine if you go. Fine eat steak and drink wine! People order bottles of wine with every lunch and dinner in Argentina. Oh and the shopping yes! The shopping was great- if you are living in South America and don’t have access to American / European clothing. But the leather was exceptional – I did get a new leather jacket that was on sale for less than $100 (it needs to be cleaned but what the hell). I also got a great pair of shoes, Matthew did too. But ooh the other things that I have read about being a black woman in Buenos Aires are true to- they thought I was a prostitute from either the Dominican Republic or Brazil. Taxi drivers wouldn’t give me a ride unless I was with my husband, one even kicked me out after Matthew was with me to get it. And two men tried to pick me up.  When I finally asked another woman about this, I was told it was because I was downtown and that’s where the prostitutes have there apartments.

My new butter yellow leather jacket

A few restaurants we went to:

Marcelo – ate the chicken and vegetable risotto (not on the menu lol)

Tortoni – a cafe and we saw a tango/comedy show

Cabrera –  we had a great steak here for our anniversary – reservations are a must!

La Brigada – a fun friendly atmosphere with great steak

Te Mataré Ramirez – ignore the bad reviews the food was amazing and the sexy show was great too

I let the photos tell the rest (click the links for the photos):

Buenos Aires Wine Tasting & dinner at Montego Bay: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150380198517927.351704.599187926&type=1&l=8ff0c0e03f

Day trip to Colonia, Uruguay; Dinner at Marcelo, Tango at Tortoni   http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150380251222927.351714.599187926&type=1&l=b676a1a74c Oh fyi if you go to Colonia don’t book the tour with the lunch, just buy the ferry ride, go walk around the city, and get your passport stamped.

Theater, graveyard, food, love and more http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150380300187927.351726.599187926&type=1&l=384a0a5774

Market, food, Japonese Garden and anniversary dinner!  http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150380374637927.351743.599187926&type=1&l=704702df82

Sao Paulo to be continued…..

9 thoughts on “Our first anniversary and vacation! Part 1

  1. Thanks for sharing. I was in Buenos Aires for 8 months & have to say, compared to a lot of other South American cities, it’s definitely the closest comparison to Paris. 🙂 I loved the Euro-Latin American culture fusion you find in their food & culture & even their Spanish dialect. It’s nothing like Colombia (in terms of people, food, MUSIC, etc.) but it was a good time nonetheless.
    The pictures were amazing too! I suggest a few different spots in Argentina for a better understanding of the country:
    Salta – It’s the north western region of the country & borders Bolivia. This is where you’ll find the most indigenous people (or what’s left of them in Argentina because dem Italians & Spaniards didn’t play when they landed there)
    The Iguazu Waterfalls – Borders Brazil & Argentina & is ABSOLUTELY BREATH TAKING….Niagra Falls, who?! ;P
    Mendoza – Biggest Argentine winery is found there. ‘Nuff said 🙂
    Bariloche – The Andes Mountains at their best. It’s one of the highest points of the Andes mountain ranges & the skiiing is ridunkoulous!!!

    So continue sharing, traveling, enjoying & LIVING!

    Un beso,


  2. YES! I agree with Michele, Mendoza is really quaint and has great wine. I’m so jelly of you, and so happy you are enjoying the vagabond life so much. You inspire me!

    1. If you’re going to be in Buenos Aires for more than a week it’s a nice slow day trip. But otherwise I would explore Buenos Aires and the surrounding area. I think there’s a way to do the trip without the food and tour, if you go just buy the ferry. The restaurant that was included was horrible.

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