Museu Afro Brasil

Today we went to the Museu Afro Brasil. It is by far the best “Afro ___” in the Americas (including the USA) that we have ever been to. And the one of the best cultural museum I have been to world wide (yes I’ve been to the Louvre- and no its not as grand as the Louvre). It honestly could be titled Museu Brasil because it also has info on the other ethnicity’s/races represented here as well.  There were also people that were not of African descend that were visiting the museum with their children. This was one of the first times that I have seen this in an Afro Museum. To me it displays what I have heard of about Brazil taking on its African history as its history rather than something separate. This is also the same feeling I get walking around the city of Sao Paulo itself.

The space is amazing. It has artifacts and art from Africa, the history of Brazilian slavery, Afro Brazilians who were not slaves, kings and queens, cow boys or what us Americans call Buffalo Soldiers, religious artifacts, things from Carnival and Futebol, photos and more that bring you to present day Brazil. On top of all that the entrance is FREE. If you go don’t forget to look up, down, in and around because there is stuff everywhere, and take a guide/translator because everything is in Portuguese! Please take a few minutes to look at this link and experience it a little

6 thoughts on “Museu Afro Brasil

  1. Great article!!! I saw this documentary PBS did last year “blacks in latin america” ( which was amazing. One fact was that of the 11 million slaves about 5m went to brazil and they have the largest population of people of african decent in the western hymesphier. Only 2 mill made it to north america. So when you say they view the history as everybodys history not a certain groups history makes perfect sense. Thanx for the post.

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