Brunch with the girlies at Rafo’s


One day I woke up and looked at facebook and one of my friends was talking about how she was on her way to brunch. Hmm and you know this inspired a craving for American style brunch. So I searched for a place that had a minimum of pancakes and mimosas and was in the miraflores/barranco/san isidro area to no avail. But hmm of course the planner in me trotted over to my favorite local menu spot Rafo’s (I mean it’s on my corner and we go there at least twice a week). I told Rafo my idea of having an American brunch and he was game! So of course this means I had to plan a menu lol. And Matthew says to me “You like entertaining”, umm hello.

The menu I requested was:


  • Fruit Salad
  • Croissants, Toast, Danishes

Entree (Choose One)

  • Hash-browns, Eggs, and Toast
  • Pancakes and bacon
  • French Toast and Bacon


  • Piccarones


Coffee, Tea, Orange Juice for mimosas

I was told that they were not equipped for piccarones so that was nixed from the start. But I felt we needed some type of Peruvian item, and Rafo offered to make a Peruvian sausage sandwich (I can’t remember the name of it) instead. He said we can bring the champagne for the mimosas and it was 25 soles a person. Which was great. I sent out the Facebook event to told the ladies to please invite friends.

I ended up with about 10 RSVPs by the day of.  The day of the event I arrived at Rafos and he showed me the table – he had set it up so that it was absolutely lovely and there were beautiful roses on the table as well. The restaurant also doubles as an antique store inside part of an old mansion adds to the character that it already has. Plus the entire staff is pretty great too.

So brunch was absolutely awesome, the food was great, the ladies were great, and I made two new friends.

8 thoughts on “Brunch with the girlies at Rafo’s

  1. That’s awesome, Erica 🙂 I haven’t had brunch in so long. I can’t even remember the last time.The place is absolutely beautiful, and I know the food had to be delicious to match the decor.

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