Quick advice on where to stay in Lima, Peru (when visiting someone in Miraflores or Barranco)

Hello everyone! My mother and father -in-law are coming to town in November to visit us and I recently composed an email to them about places to stay that are near us in the Miraflores and Barranco districts of Lima. Please keep in mind that the hotel price ranges are from around $59 – $125 maybe more – so this is not for people who are ok with staying in a hostel or something 3 star or less. Also keep in mind that I have never stayed at these hotels but have received the suggestions from expat friends and the lovely expat community on facebook “Expatriats in Peru” http://www.facebook.com/groups/expatriatesinperu/10150343262652971/?notif_t=group_activity#!/groups/expatriatesinperu/

Hotels In Barranco (our neighborhood) that I received recommendations of:

  • Hotel Barranco  http://www.hotelbarranco.pe/English.html (This is not open now =(  maybe in the future)
  • Second Home Peru http://www.secondhomeperu.com/ : We stopped by second home peru and it was very interesting looking – Tons of great art and a backyard on the ocean.  That would have to be booked soon. The only problem is that there would be a room change involved. Because it is mostly booked. I believe it was $125 a night
  • 3B http://www.3bhostal.com/  This is a bed and breakfast

Hotels In Miraflores that I received recommendations for (all are good locations):

Some things to consider:

  • Second Home Peru/ 3B these are botique hotels not luxury .. i think they are very nice its your preference I think Second Home is beautiful 3B seems very modern and trendy.  There are tons of restaurants close to Second Home Peru.
  • Miraflores:

Trip Advisor info (photos included) http://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g294316-d311718-Reviews-Miraflores-Lima.html

    • Tons of tourist shops
    • Tons of shopping
    • Very modern – you will feel like you are in an American city
    • It is a touristy place – not in a bad way
    • Parque Kennedy is there
      •  which is a place where a lot of people walk around
      • there are often markets set up
      • there are popcorn, dessert, and sandwich vendors in the park
      • occasionally very randomly there will be live music, people dancing, or a comedy show
    • It has a more energetic feeling to it
    • Depending on the hotel you will be anywhere from 5 minutes away from us to 10 minutes by cab
    • There is a lot to do there with just the two of you .. if you’d like some “couple time”
    • There are a lot of tourist and 5 star restaurants
  • Barranco

Read Trip Advisor info (photos included): http://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g294316-d548265-Reviews-Barranco-Lima.html

    • It’s where we live (so of course we love it)
    • There are great restaurants here
    • It is a walking town – everything is close by
    • There is more graffiti here but it doesn’t bother me
    • There are a lot of art galleries
    • There are some theatrical clown performances, a few muscians here and there
    • Its “Bohemian”
    • There is a main square with a fountain where you can relax and also a very beautiful park that is less busy than Parque Kennedy

I think that sums it up and gives you everything you need to make a decision =)!!!!

One thought on “Quick advice on where to stay in Lima, Peru (when visiting someone in Miraflores or Barranco)

  1. My parents are coming in January, and they are staying in a 2 bedroom apartment, 2 stories, including daily maid service, a gym, pool (woohoo!) in the building and directly behind Larcomar for $550 for the week. It’s like they are staying at the Marriott for a third of the cost! The only thing it doesn’t have is a restaurant inside the building, which is NBD, because they can walk two seconds and be at the marriott’s restaurant!

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