Vivimos en Barranco (We live in Barranco)

We had to keep the owners of the apartment in Miraflores waiting a little while because we had to see this amazing apartment in Barranco. But once we got a chance to see it in person we knew the apartment in Barranco was ours. Who wouldn’t its a block away from the ocean, 2b/2b, w/d, dw, custom closets, furnished.. need I say more! NO! Ok for all of you who have been waiting to see the pictures please click here :apartment pics  (FYI these pictures are taken by the apartment owner not me.. but she had a billion of them so this is the best way to show you).

Needless to say we love it!! And still do. We moved in July 3rd right after the previous tenants dirt was cleaned out =). It’s a great feeling to respond to the question “What country are you from” with “Estados Unidos, pero yo vivo en Barranco”. Get that another gringa tourist  look off your face please. lol  But please don’t ask me anything else except how long have I been here or how long will I be here. Now, if I could just get my Spanish down. Yes, I’m from Miami and Matthew’s from Pennsylvania but he’s the one who speaks Spanish. Go figure – going to IHOP instead of Spanish class is not helping me out now. Sorry Mr. Ruiz =(….. Well, actually teenage Erica needs to apologize to adult Erica. I accept. Moving on…

Barranco is great. Make sure you roll those RRs or people will look at you like they’ve never heard of the place before. It’s a very interesting neighborhood, we’re always running into something new. For instance last week we popped into this artsy cafe style restaurant and a band walks in. We think maybe salsa, afro-peruvian.. NOPE these guys get down and sing the blues in Spanish. Who would’ve thought.

You know this looks like the guy from True Blood

The second time we ran into each other that day.. why not meet

8 thoughts on “Vivimos en Barranco (We live in Barranco)

  1. Wow – I’m enjoying all your blogs… but this one especially feels like, “Honey, I’m home!!!!!!!!!!” Your apartment looks incredible (I see Ikea has made it to Peru!) and the restaurant/club is so cool. I can see that you’re really happy to be there! I’m so glad for you!

    1. Thanks Chrissy! Glad you’re enjoying the blogs =)

      Thank you so much for your help with preparing for this. You are a great teacher. I actually just remembered how you use NPR and downloaded one of the episodes for a class the other day =). No Ikea in Peru lol.. But there is some Ikea type stuff here =).

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