The Sacred Valley and Cusco tours


The Incans were a magnificent people that built amazing structures in ways that we still don’t even know how.

  • They moved and sculpted stones that weigh thousands of pounds.
  • They created fountains and purified water supply from sources that we still can’t find.
  • They built stone structures without any mortar, that have wholes in them for sand that help the stones shift during earth quakes, and have withstood the times, the Spanish Conquerors, and earth quakes.
  • They have a culture so rich that their descendants still celebrate holidays such as Inti Raymi which bring the second largest crowd to South America outside of Brazil’s Carnival.
  • They were scientist that experimented with different types of climates to develop the best quality crops.
  • They were astronomers.

Please view Matthew’s and my pictures to see some of the amazing sites that Matthew and I got to experience around Cusco and the Sacred Valley. Go to this link to view pictures from Matthew’s Birthday celebrations which include Moray and the Salt Mines :

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5 thoughts on “The Sacred Valley and Cusco tours

  1. Congrats Crazy People… I am so delighted to be on this adventure with you guys… Be Young and Free as long as you can!

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