Go 4 wheeling in the Sacred Valley

If you know Matthew and I, you know that thus far every trip we’ve made that we take a few ATVs out for a ride. So why would Peru be any different? Of course, we booked a trip to ride ATVs within a few days of arriving to Cusco. $50 per person for 4 hours of riding the mountains of the Sacred Valley isn’t so bad.  Each country we ride ATVs in offers something a little different.

  • Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: nice scenic ride through a flat terrain – plenty of dirt and a little bit of water to make some fun splashes
  • Belize – a great ride through the jungle – approximately 1 hour-long – tons of mud to ride through
  • Cusco, Peru – the ride was amazing – 4 hours (the longest ride to date) – you could actually go past 4th gear – is that a town we’re riding through – look at the kids – why is that dog chasing me – look at those Incan ruins – look at the mountains – WOW – go ahead make your ATV jump in the air again.

The company that we used http://www.perumototours.com/ . Don’t be a wuss – if you go to Cusco go to Peru Moto Tours and rent an 4 wheeler. A few tips (any time you rent ATVs/4 wheelers):

  • Ask for gloves – or you’ll get a lovely blister that will turn in to a painful cut
  • Ask for or bring a bandanna to cover your mouth and nose (otherwise you’ll have fabulously brown buggers)
  • Ask for goggles  – or you won’t be able to see (bring sunglasses with a strap just in-case they don’t have any)
  • Don’t let them ride you to the location on a motorcycle (Peru Moto specifically – trust. They tried this option with us we said NO. When we took the 30 min ride up the mountain on the super tiny road we were very thankful to be in a van)
  • HAVE FUN!!!
  • Take your best friend in the whole wide world =)

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