Inti Raymi

Here are the pics from Inti Raymi! The second largest celebration in South America. We got to view the 2nd part of the festival from a great restaurant balcony right in Plaza de Armas. The 3rd and final part of Inti Raymi is held at Sacsaywaman (sounds somewhat like sexy woman) which is about 2km from Cusco. We took the 4o minute or so hike there with thousands of other people to watch Inti Raymi for free.  Aprox 3,800 people paid $70 – $110 to watch the ceremony up close. Of course this is now a re-enactment; however, each step, word, and dance move are done with precision and honor.

The crowd.. lol .. that was a different story. While at Sacsaywaman we found an area where everyone was seated. Lets say it was crowd control by the crowd. “Sentarse por favor” was yelled across the crowd anytime anyone stood up or did not take their seat upon the hill quick enough. If you stood up to long or your umbrella was in the way and you refused to sit down or put the umbrella down you got banana peels or even rocks thrown at you. Pretty bad but everyone stayed seated for a while until the show got really interesting. Then everyone stood to watch.

Despite the rocks. It was an amazing experience. Like being taken back in time. More info on Inti Raymi

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