Beinvenidos Lima – And we’re off

Dinner in Mexico City Airport

We left Mexcio City airport at 12:45 am on June 9th . Just before getting on the plane a few of the guards tried to bribe us for a few bucks – thank God for Matthew knowing some Spanish. We got on the plane with all our cash and all is good. Matthew and I are in the air on the plane looking at the sunrise and the ocean as the pilot says ‘we are now on our descent into Lima’. Oops, I was wrong because we can’t be descending into the water that’s actually a dark sea of clouds and that was what we thought would be the last time we would see the sun in Lima. We arrive and wait and wait for our bags in customs; however, Aero Mexico oversold the flight and left one of our bags in Mexico City. We were told it would come in at 11pm that evening at which time we would receive a phone call; and the bag would be delivered to us the next morning.

Luggage fiasco
Luggage fiasco

Andres – the driver that Carla sent for us patiently waited for us during the luggage fiasco. He dropped us off at Carla’s in the Barranco district of Lima and our journey began. Carla’s mom Rosa gave us a warm welcome as if we were her grand kids that she hadn’t seen in a year. The whole family was great too us.  There was another couple staying at the house for a few months the girl is from Australia and her boyfriend from France (they met in college in Australia). There was also a Thai guy staying there for a few months on a hiatus he actually lives in the states. So there were 4 languages in the house at the same time – Thai, French, English, and of course Spanish.  The parents only spoke Spanish.

Lima is AMAZING – Andres helped with showing us around, and getting a few essential items to set up, and getting the bags back.  Carla made multiple calls about our lost bags, pointed out the best restaurants we event went to lunch with the family to Pardo’s Chicken one day.  We spent a lot of time in Barranco a bohemian neighborhood- similar to Brooklyn, NY; and Miraflores – similar to New York City.  Its a very vibrant city with tons of stuff to do we went to the movies and saw “Que Paso Ayer” AKA Hangover Part 2.  If you go to Miraflores you’ll want to go to Parque Kennedy (PK). PK is the heart of the city; vendors are selling silver, Incan items, and more; there’s popcorn and dessert; and of course various stray cats that mind their business.  Surrounding the park are multiple restaurants, a movie theater, travel agencies, retail stores, and a department store.  You should also go to Lacomar, it’s an outdoor mall (if you’ve been to Miami it’s similar to Bayside -except people still go).

Pics are below.. going to keep this one brief so I can play catch up on this blogging.

Click on the pictures to see the titles.

4 thoughts on “Beinvenidos Lima – And we’re off

  1. Amazing. Isn’t it crazy how many people you meet from all over the world when you travel internationally? If you’re in Peru, you’ll still meet people from all across Europe and Asia. Not so in the U.S. Such a great experience!!

  2. Hello there…looks like you are off to a great start….Pisco Sour Yummm is right!! I had plenty of those on my South American cruise in February. I think this is a wonderful thing that you and Mathew are doing. Looking forward to following you on your journey of a lifetime

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