Hasta Luego America (Part II)

We left South Carolina and continued on our journey to Miami, FL on Sunday morning. The drive wasn’t to bad; however, unlike most of people in our generation and younger we don’t have ipods. So after hitting Virginia we heard Chris Brown’s song Look at Me Now (we can now rap all of Busta Rhymes lyrics and understand Lil Wayne lol), multiple Lil Wayne songs, multiple Rick Ross songs and Ace Hoods’ (featuring Lil Wayne again and Rick Ross) Hustle Hard over and over again. Not to say that we dislike them.. but just over and over again – radio production managers please add some new stuff to your rotation.

We arrive in Ft. Lauderdale at my dad’s house and he’s making my all time favorite conch salad (not actual pic but this is what it looks like for the non-Caribbeans)! Yumm. We got to spend time with my little sister Catherine and my dad’s girlfriend Nicole. Dinner was great too – roasted chicken and sauteed veggies.

The next morning my cousin Minca came by with her adorable baby Liv and we went to IHOP for breakfast. (Don’t sleep on the Germane Crepes) So, I have to tell you about Liv, she is the most adorable and good/ chill – non crying baby I have ever met. Minca has traveled a lot for long durations so her visit also ended up being a repacking experience.  Didn’t get under the 50lbs but did get rid of some of the carry on weight =). After that we went down South (South Miami) to visit my aunt and uncle and little (younger as you see most of them are taller than us lol) cousins.


The next day we got to go to my little sister Catherine’s 5th Grade Graduation. Glad we were there for that =)

Catherine and Me!
Catherine's Graduation
Catherine, my dad (Eric), and Me
Matt Me and Catherine
Matt Me and Catherine

My other little sis (not so little as Catherine lol) and my cousin Fatimah visited us that night.. I can’t believe I forgot pics.

And we went by Carmax – love Carmax – they gave me a great offer for my SUV — miss you!

Our last day there we spent it with my mommy and grandmommy. And quick visit with my uncle Kelwyn in the Walmart parking lot lol.

Matthew, Grandmommy, Me, and Mommy
Matthew, Grandmommy, Me, and Mommy

My dad took us to the airport and we were off to Peru with a connection in Mexio City – where we had Starbucks of course. lol

One thought on “Hasta Luego America (Part II)

  1. You have a handsome family Erica. Reading about your doing all of this traveling is making me truly find some courage and start to research baby-steps to get myself going. I didn’t see the pic of the “Conch Salad” but I believe you that it’s ummmmmmmmmm! Chat with ya soon lady….

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