Farewell Pennsylvania

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We have packed up the house, finished our TEFL course, completed our observation hours, had a farewell shin-dig (see the photos), and are now off visiting family.

TEFL Certification

As previously mentioned Matthew and I have taken a class online with the TEFL Institute to become certified to teach English. We’ve turned in all of our assignments and have completed our practicum hours.  We did a combination of tutoring and observing classes at Drexel University English Language Center http://www.drexel.edu/elc/. Tobbie, an Associate Director there helped us coordinate with their teachers and pointed out which classes would be helpful. It was great to see classes in action from a teachers perspective. I’ve only been in a classroom before as a student.  It was also great to meet all the different students there. The majority of the students were from Saudi Arabia – did you know that the king has paid for University students to go to different countries around the world in order to obtain an education.  This is what the students told us – I’m searching for more information online.  There were also a lot of students from China, a few from UAE, and a few from South America, and Africa.  I have to apologize – we didn’t take any pictures with the classes. SMH This picture below is with Tobie.

Last day at Drexel

Newark Now

My last day at Newark Now was great the Taste of Financial Empowerment was my last event at Newark Now. We did it at the RAM Gallery this year which turned out to be a great space. The turn out for the event was great. LaVar (the President of Newark Now), even did a nice little going away presentation to me. I really enjoyed my work there. I am continuing to manage there Facebook and Twitter accounts – I just can’t let go – lol.  I’ve got a few Super Summer shirts in my bag =).  Hey make a donation www.newarknow.org =)

Going away Shin-Dig

We had our going away shin-dig at the house with a few good friends. It was a blast! BFFs, college friends, BBOP, Matt’s Philly friends, and family were all in the house. It was tons of fun.. I have to give a shot out to the Tyson Annitizers – just throw them on a serving platter and they look and taste great! lol

2011 Graduations  – Alex, Keisha, and Ayanna

We stayed in town a little later then planned and I was able to attend my “cousin” Alex’s under grad graduation from New School (well I missed the graduation – but I got to visit with her, my aunt Valerie, Alex’s brother Jeffrey, and my mom). We all (except Jeff) went to Max Brenner – love that restaurant. They have tons of chocolate desserts. I’m not a dessert person but I do love chocolate. Check them out the next time you’re in the city. My mom and I also went to one of my best friend’s Keisha’s post graduate diploma graduation from Fordham and then to Applebees with her mommy and friends.  Matthew and I attended Ayanna’s Med School (UMDNJ) graduation  party (our friend/and Che’s -Matt’s god son’s mommy).  Ayanna’s doing her residency at John Hopkins – how cool is that, and Keisha is beginning to work on her doctorate in psychology. Woo ton’s of graduations congrats to you all!

Packing – We thought we were going to be able to fit all of our wedding presents in the car- nope not the case.

My mom came up for Alex’s graduation in NYC and then came to PA to help us pack prior to going to DC to see my Aunt June. I had a great time with my mom. She left Saturday morning for DC. Then we still had more packing.  But packing is just not fun – its done now. The goal was to leave Wednesday early in the morning say 5 /6ish – but Tuesday evening as we began to pack the car with wedding presents to take to my mother-in-laws for storage we soon found out that the Ford Freestyle is just not big enough. So we had to make a trip back to our storage unit in Delaware (an hour each way) to unload more gifts. Of course there was traffic on the way back home so we weren’t back home until after 9pm – repacked the car by 11 pm, and we still need to clean the house.

And we’re off

We left PA yesterday morning just after 9am. Stopped in DC to hug my cousin Karen real quick and arrived with good time to Matthew’s mom’s house in South Carolina at 9:30pm.  Getting ready to go to dinner now. Will post an update soon =)

4 thoughts on “Farewell Pennsylvania

  1. Wow! You are an amazing young lady, and congrats on your marriage. would like to keep in touch with you to see how Peru will be for you. Have a safe journey and God bless you.

  2. Wow Erica, it really sounds like you and Matthew have it all together. I’m really happy and excited for you guys. I will be following you on your journeys and please stay safe and free at heart. MUAH!

  3. Erica and Matthew, what an exciting journey you’re taking. I’ll be checking in to experience vicariously, your adventure. Wow! Keeping you guys in prayer for safety and good health. I know you’ll have lots of fun along the way. All the best….Mona

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