Matthew’s last day at work

Today is my husband’s last day at work. I am so proud of him being able to take this huge leap of faith with me. Please keep us in your prayers during our adventure of life around the world together.

This is pretty monumental. If you know my husband you know that Matthew is a planner, financially astute, somewhat conservative, a thinker and re-thinker- OK I’ll just say that this is completely out of the box for him. But at the same time because of that I know that my husband would not allow me to come up and follow through with some crazy idea without it making complete sense.

Today’s step is one of many that makes this trip more real. Sunday, we purchased our one-way tickets to Peru. We will be leaving Philadelphia Memorial Day weekend on a road trip to visit family, and we will be leaving our great country from Miami on Wednesday, June 8th. We are also almost completed with our TEFL certification- we have one exam, a final project, and our class observations to complete.

We still have quite a few things to do  – such as find international health care, getting new passports (I’m changing my name), packing (ouch), confirming a home-stay, and a few other things I won’t bore you with. (If you know of any descent priced international health care plans please let me know) There is one thing that has been truly helpful with our planning process and that is social media. Through facebook I have found an old co-worker that is now volunteering in Peru, another new friend that lives in and teaches in Peru, and reconnected with a college friend from Peru.  On Twitter, I am following the search item “Peru” – through that I have met a Peruvian America that lived in Peru for a while, and have found a few interesting expat Peruvian websites.

So if you were wondering :

  • YES, we are still going
  • Yes, I am a little scared – who wouldn’t be
  • Yes, I am excited
  • No, we’re not out of our minds (OK just a little lol)
  • No, we will not have jobs or interview until we are in Peru
  • Yes, there are tons of job opportunities to teach English in Peru and we have other sources of income (looking for someone to manage your social media – let me know)

The biggest question -why? We are doing this for us, to live life to its fullest, to learn about and love new things, people and culture, to grow, and because we have each other the best partners to do this with. The bigger question as Matthew says is “Why not, we don’t need to rush into being suburban mom and dads. I don’t think they’re turning down applications any time soon”.

7 thoughts on “Matthew’s last day at work

  1. I am so excited for you both! I haven’t decided where I will go yet but I will following you on our journey through this and can’t wait to read all the great things you come across!

  2. Oh hun I am so excited for u. Make sure u keep us updated with plenty photos!!! Wish u well and lots of great insight!!!

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